Our Team

Trust is the foundation of all great working relationships. We believe we have the best expertise housed under one roof - Our Team.

We feel our clients deserve the confidence and assurance of a broad cross section of finance expertise and skill. In order to achieve this, our human capital is carefully nurtured and regularly trained, to maintain a skill set that is able to service our clients flawlessly. ISG Global provides an environment for our consultants and analysts to continually improve, develop and grow through open intelligence information sharing, as well vocational training. ISG Global invests in and provides paid leave for consultants to set aside necessary time to increase their core professional skills.

We have a long track record of drawing the kind of talent who are attracted to working with - and invariably staying with – ISG Global. This is a two way street of reciprocity because they understand and respect our pledge to invest in their careers. It's the same commitment to you the client, that we instill in our colleagues. To secure the best we believe in above market-rate remuneration as this attracts the highest quality people.

Our Services

The contemporary choices for investment products is vastly larger and more complex than even 10 to 15 years ago. A dizzying array of asset classes...

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How We Invest

ISG Global are advocates of Modern Portfolio Theory. The basic principles of this style of investing are that portfolios should be composed of a broad spread of investments...

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