Our Methodology

At ISG Global we believe there is always a better way. Through smart decision making we provide the path you seek towards financial security. We employ a methodical consultation process, that determines your current situation, as well as mapping out a course of action, to achieve an agreed financial destination.


We have a process here at ISG Global that we call Harvesting, which is designed to understand what makes you tick financially. We're interested in understanding your concept of risk, and how any existing investments or portfolios can be integrated into a full spectrum strategy. Harvesting takes place during our initial consultation, however it's a process that will recur throughout our professional relationship. Our philosophy is that we can never stop learning about you in order to provide the most robust advice. In order to expedite the Harvesting methodology, it would be best to have the following documentation available:
  • » The last 2 years' tax returns
  • » Bank statements, quarterly or monthly portfolio reports
  • » Mortgage, Loan, Credit Card statements
  • » Any Last Will and Testament documents written by or for you.

Strategic Planning

With all information at our fingertips, it's then time to map out a strategic plan upon which we are mutually agreed. It's because we take a long-term professional relationship with our clients seriously, that we encourage you to invest sufficient time to reflect upon the agreed plan, and to be completely comfortable with it prior to taking the next step.


After the strategic planning meeting we're ready to make a mutual decision with you, on the best manner in which to proceed. The conclusion will see us commit to each other and begin the journey towards achieving your objectives. Naturally we expect lots of questions, and our promise to you is to devote as much time as you need, to ensure that you fully understand the recommendations being made, and why and how they work.

Regular Review Meetings

Regular review meetings provide a much welcome opportunity for you to appraise ISG Globals' performance, which enables us to incorporate any noteworthy changes in your personal or financial circumstances since our last meeting. From this information we then implement any changes to your investment plan to keep it on track.

Our Services

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