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ISG Global is an investment advisory firm specializing in private money management that serves the expatriate community in Osaka, Japan. Our focus is working with Individuals and families, with assets of $1 million plus, who have a requirement for wealth management coupled with investment advice. All our clients are serviced by highly professional financial experts with comprehensive exposure to a fast moving financial landscape.

The decision to work with ISG Global expertise, is your first step in determining long term financial goals for you and your family. It's because your security and prosperity matter most to us, that we believe ISG Global is a smart and intelligent choice for high net worth individuals

We welcome our clients to examine our track record closely and learn about our distinctive way of working with clients, coupled with our unmatched reputation for going the extra mile when providing advice. You will find that we have a surprisingly close-matched agenda with our clients, as we understand in a nuanced manner the expectations clients wish to achieve. Our strength is in building long term relationship with clients. This is earned by consistently providing the return and financial yields that cement a working relationship of mutual understanding and respect.

About Us

At ISG Global we understand fully that you've invested your energy, time and commitment in reaching your professional or vocational goals. This may have left you with insufficient time to manage your wealth, however ISG Global is well-placed to compensate with this aspect of your life.

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Our Services

The contemporary choices for investment products is vastly larger and more complex than even 10 to 15 years ago. A dizzying array of asset classes and investment vehicles, some that would have seemed exotic even a decade ago, are now accessible to even the small investor.

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How We Invest

ISG Global are advocates of Modern Portfolio Theory. The basic principles of this style of investing are that portfolios should be composed of a broad spread of investments, to distribute risk evenly, across a spectrum of asset classes. The purpose of this strategy is that In the event of systemic failure ...

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